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SYSVIEW Release 16.0 - PTF LU05614 - Sysview Security Advisories


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


SYSVIEW Security Advisories for installing PTF LU05614 for Release 16.0. What is the reason for the PTF and how urgent it is to install it.



Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


SYSVIEW Security Advisories for installing LU05614.

The Severity is raised as Medium for SYSVIEW Release 16.0.

The reason PTF LU05614 was created is to correct an ERROR hold on CNM4G00  (SYSVIEW product base). This PTF LU05614 is required, if not applied will run into SMP/E APPLY HOLD error problems when applying PTF maintenance to SYSVIEW Release 16.0.

For SYSVIEW Release 15.0, PTF LU04125 is required not PTF LU05614.