Allocation Timeline: Widget TSV values not using 'Grand Total' option
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Allocation Timeline: Widget TSV values not using 'Grand Total' option


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In 16.0.2, issue DE63899 was fixed and now the Staffing: Allocation Timeline Widgets use the view options from within the 'Allocation Timeline' tab.  However, there is still an issue with the Widgets on this tab in which it is NOT using the 'Grand Totals' option.  The Widgets configured with a TSV Per-Period field such as Allocation is returning a 'Sum of Period' value based on the Allocation Timeline View Options. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Create a Bar Chart Widget in BOTH 'Allocation Timeline' and 'Staff Grid' with the following configuration 
    • Title: Allocation 
    • Type: Sum 
    • Group By: Resource (from Staffing Object) 
    • Sum: Allocation (from Totals section)  
    • Only Include (filter) for Staffing Object Resource field = Veronica Miller and Hank Fisher
  2. Add the widget to the view and disable it to apply any filter to the widget on BOTH workspaces 
  3. Toggle OFF 'Filter Widgets 
  4. Set View Options on 'Allocation Timeline' (or use the view T-Hank-Veronica: Grand Totals) 
    • Period Type = Months 
    • Period Start = Start of Current Year  
    • Period End = End of Current Year  
    • Totals = Grand Totals   
NOT WORKING AS EXPECTED: I expected the widget totals to match the rows below in the timeline.
The rows in the timeline are correct and give the Grand Total values. 
If I switch the View Options to 'Sum of Periods' both the Widget and the rows in the timeline match. 


Expected Results: The Widget on 'Allocation Timeline' should show an allocation amount for Grand Totals as defined on the View Options in the 'Allocation Timeline' Workspace. For this specific use case we should see the WIDGET Grand Totals 52.7k and 34.8k

Actual Results: The Widget on the 'Allocation Timeline' is using the allocation amount for Sum of Periods as defined on the View Options in the 'Allocation Timeline' workspace. We see an amount that corresponds to the date range of the current year 24k and 320 -- therefore it seems to be using 'Sum of Periods' (for the current year) and not 'Grand Total'. 


Release 16.0.2 


This is DE64953 , fxied in 16.0.3 and

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