Labor ETC Group By amounts not correct for FTE/Days
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Labor ETC Group By amounts not correct for FTE/Days


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When viewing the Labor ETC value in Group By mode, the computed amount for FTE/Days is slightly higher than manually computing the total amount. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. From your Avatar, Settings, General, pick 'FTE' or 'Days' for the Unit of Measurement 
  2. On the Project, Idea or CIT MUX common grid, add the Per-Period Metrics for ETC (Labor ETC) 
  3. Ensure the Investment-level ETC values are updated through the 'Update Investment Allocation and Usage' job 
  4. Select a common-value field for 'Group By'  
  5. Examine the grouping row totals for the ETC columns 

Expected Results: The Group By total amount should be correctly computed for FTE/Days. 

Actual Results: The Group By is resulting in a higher FTE computation. In a non-Group By mode, the API returns the correct total amount. 


Release 16.0.2 


DE64722  - The problem is caused by the pre-existing aggregation method used for the laborETC field.  It is dropping the time stamp portion of the last segment on the aggregated curve so that the divisor (available work time) is slightly smaller than it should be resulting in a higher FTE computation than expected. 


Targeted Fix in Release 16.0.3