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Using a different Web Site name instead of Default Web site on Site Servers


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IT Management Suite


The customer is trying to create a custom Web Site under IIS Manager on his Site Server. He is trying to create his own Web Site and delete the Default Web Site due to some security requirements on his company.

Do we support on a Site Server a different web site name instead of the Default Web Site in IIS Manager?
After that, we see that it is not using HTTP/HTTPS and just UNC


ITMS 8.5, 8.6


No, we do not support different websites on a Site Server (as ITMS 8.6 RU2). Some steps were made in that direction by our Development team but the feature is not yet available.

Some customers have been successful in getting a different Web Site configured and having the Altiris site created under it. However, we can't assist with how to configure it.
Other customers have been able to just install the Symantec Management Agent and Package Service under the Default Web Site and then just rename the Default Web site to something else. However, we still can't assist on how to configure it until our Dev team is able to go and test the different scenarios and add the changes in the code to handle how to specific what Web Site to use in IIS.