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After applying CP06 agents won't restart


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CA Process Automation Base


When I applied CP06 to my ITPAM 4.3.05 Orchestrator, the agents continued to run but when I tried to stop and restart the agents after that, the agents would not restart.

  • As per instructions in the readme, we ensured all agents were up and running when CP06 was applied.
  • After applying CP06 on the PAM server, the agents that were up before the upgrade, were still running. When I recycled the agent service, the agent didn’t start anymore. I only made the agent to work after reinstalling it.
  • On the Orchestrator, restored the c2o folder backup that I took before applying CP06 and the agents were still not coming up. I reinstalled the agent and the java on the env but the agent is still not coming up.
  • I applied again CP06 and the agent is not coming up. Reinstalled the agent and it starts correctly.

I attached in the case the CP06 installation.log from the PAM server and the c2o log from the agent. (you can find them in the Agent issue

Since the restore of the c2o didn’t make the agents to work as they were before the CP06 apply, I think that there were also some files modified outside the c2o folder when the HF was applied which make the agents not starting anymore.

ITPAM Agents are 4.3.03 - have also tried with 4.3.05 agents with same result.


Release : 4.3.05

Component : Process Automation


Applying CP05 instead of CP06 resolves the problem.