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Neural Scanners unresponsive and do not scan or detect USB mass storage devices after factory reset


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Industrial Control System Protection


A couple of Neural Scanner devices had been down, in an off state, for almost two years. After starting them up again any thumb drives or mass storage devices that were plugged into the scanner did not get scanned, nor did the logs register that anything was happening. The dashboard remained at zeros across the board.   A factory reset had also been performed.


Release : 5.4.2



The system time and, or the last date the definitions had been updated was very old.   The devices had been moved from one state to another and so the IP address settings as well as the proper proxy setting were not correct for the location the device was currently residing.


With the system time and or the virus definitions being very out of date the Neural logic considers its self to be  unreliable, possibly compromised and therefore ceases functioning.



After changing the IP address settings to the proper local settings that enabled it to go out through the local proxy device and to call home long enough to get the correct time as well as update the definition files-- the Neural Scanner began recognizing each device as it was inserted into the USB ports.