Password type variables are getting blanked out
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Password type variables are getting blanked out


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CA Process Automation Base


We are using an external dataset in which we are storing users and passwords. When we start orchestration flows, these users and passwords are used throughout the entire automated flows (in the script attributes pane).

In some cases, we saw that at various points in our automated flows, some of the passwords are emptied out (empty string). This is not tied to specific account/password and happens to live production events and is extending the downtime.

We attached evidence with some of the processes which had the passwords blanked out.

Note that this issue was seen in PAM 4.3 SP3, SP4 and SP5. There was also something similar in PAM 4.3 SP3 but now, the occurrence is rare.


Release : 4.3

Component : Process Automation


Applying CP05 resolves the problem.