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Tech Tip: robot/probe version checker and report tool - DX Unified infrastructure Management - UIM


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Tech Tip: robot/probe version checker and report tool

If there is something common between all clients,  it is the difficulty they had to have a clear view on what probes and their versions that were installed in their environment.
Via the good old Infrastructure Manager we could drag and drop a new version of a probe, but it was not always easy to see/check the total picture/results.
The attached tool, available in Perl source and compiled format, will try to get the highest available version from your LOCAL archive and compare this with the information available from the DB table: cm_nimbus_probe.


UIM 20.x


In attachment version 1.2:
- option -hu gives the possibility to include hub robots (y), no hub robots (n) or only hub robots (o).  This gives you the possibility  to create an upgrade report for only your hubs and later to exclude them (default: y)
- option -ii/-ie: ip filter include/exclude
- try to recognize hot fixes and test fixes when executed with option -cc"y"


ALL details on this Community Thread: (Luc Christiaens)


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