TDM Portal Publish Delay
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TDM Portal Publish Delay


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We recently migrated our TDM Portal server from a virtual server to a physical server. The physical server has the same IP address and hostname as the old virtual machine, so none of the firewall rules were impacted. We also kept the release of TDM the same on both machines and verified the TDM Portal configurations ( of the two servers are the same. The physical server is connecting to the same (original) gtrep database (oracle) that the older VM was using. The only change between the two systems is the physical server has increased capacity.

After migrating over to the physical server, we noticed a 4-minute delay between the time the publishing job is submitted to the time the job actually starts.


Release : 4.9

Component : Web Portal - Publishing


After reviewing the TDM Portal debug logs, there is no evidence that there is a delay. The Publish job is started as soon as the Job Engine is called on the TDM Portal Server.

Engineering did further analysis and believes the reason for the delay is very simple - the user's machine is most probably ~210 seconds ahead of the server machine (or from a different point of view, the server is lagging behind the user machine by ~210 seconds). So if the user schedules a job "right now", for the server it means "almost 4 minutes from now in the future" - the scheduled time is taken from the user machine, but the job is scheduled on the server based on the server time. 


Ensure the User's system clock and the TDM Portal Server system clock are in sych.