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First column on CSV Export missing "". Converted data wrong if first cell data contains a comma


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When exporting to CSV the first column of the CSV file doesn’t contain " ".
This means that if I export data that contains a comma (,) the data is split into two columns. 

For example when I export and convert data of the Project Staff Grid view with Resource (last name, first name) as the first column.


1. Login to Modern UX and edit any project

2. Add at least one member of Staff

3. Export to CSV

Notice the first column does not have " "

4. Convert the CSV file into an Excel spreadsheet

Expected Results: CSV file first column to contain "" and converted data to fits to columns

Actual results: The first column of the CSV file does not have "" and when the data contains a comma, the content spreads to the next column


This is caused by DE64951


This is an issue related to Excel and not Clarity. There must be some setting that interferes here.

List to csv, items in first column don't have surrounding double quotes - Bugs and Other Issues - MIT App Inventor Community

If the csv file is opened with Notepad++, you can see the double quotes on the first column too.

Opening the file in Google Sheets is fine too

Workaround if using Excel: Reorder the grid columns before doing the CSV Export to ensure the data does not contain commas like the Resource Name column does when separating last name, first name