Rights to edit Projects but only view Tasks and Staff
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Rights to edit Projects but only view Tasks and Staff


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Is it possible to assign a set of rights to users so that they are able to:

  • Edit Project properties
  • View (only) Tasks
  • View (only) Staff


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity Resource Management


As a project includes Tasks, Staff, etc., the right to edit is including the ability to edit those instances as well.

The right to edit these properties would correspond to:

Project - Edit Management - All (Global): Allows user to edit the general and management properties, staff and tasks for any project that has been enabled for management. This includes the ability to add sub-projects to that project as well as to edit it in Microsoft Project. This right also allows the user to create processes on any project and to edit the processes that he or she creates.

Project - Edit (Instance): Allows user to edit all parts of a project except for Document Management, Calendar, Action Items, Discussions and Custom Defined Fields.

It is not possible to edit a project without having rights to edit tasks and/or staff at the same time.

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