Enterprise Dashboard taking long time to load
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Enterprise Dashboard taking long time to load


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Service Virtualization


Since we upgrade hour DevTest to 10.6 version, the DevTest Entreprise Dashboard taking a long time(around 30 mins) to show data.

Env details:

EDB and Registries are configured with MySQL 5.7 DB instances.


Release : 10.6

Component : DevTest Enterprise Dashboard


SE team has identified a few time taking queries involved when loading ED home page.


Solution available vide patch dradis-10.6.0-DE519678.jar. Open a support case and ask for this patch. Follow the steps below:

1. Stop ED

2. Place the solution file dradis-10.6.0-DE519678.jar at LISA_HOME\\lib\\dradis folder

3. Start ED

4. Login to ED and verify if the patch resolves slow loading home page problem

Along with above patch, deleting old data from ED database would help further. However this clean up strictly needs to be done under supervision of support and account team.