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ESP DSERIES - Jobs showed as failed, but it run successfully.


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CA Workload Automation DE


The job is shown as "Failed" on Monitor tab. But, when we check the service log it ran successfully.




Release : 12.2

Component :


The tracelog.txt

20220429 08:01:49.455 [agent:afm] [INFO] DM.InputProcessor_84927: [2022-04-29_08:01:49.455] <-- 000010865619 000010865620 !!! true 20220429 08014721-0800 ESP_XXXXX-XXXX_7500 XX-XXX-aX XXX_XX_XXX_XXXEXPORT_SERVICE_START/XXX_XX_XX_XXXEXPORT_SERVICE_START.180/MAIN State FAILED Cmpc(2) SetEnd JobLogId(18DE6BBCE1C2AD50802FD12C9F5065339BCA92C1)  User(xxx-txr-xx2) Host(xx-txr-xx2)

The completion code received is 2 that is the reason why the job is marked as failed.

You can define this as a success code in the job defintion. This will mark the job as success


Additional Information

For detailed information please refer to the product documentation.

Define Job Success or Failure