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TAM0014E java.lang.NullPointerException when using ELEVATE with TICKET


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ACF2 ACF2 - z/OS Top Secret Trusted Access Manager for Mainframe


Attempting to ELEVATE a user and specifying a Service Desk ticket results in the following error:

ACF60074 ELEVATE unsuccessful - ticket validation could not be performed

Turning on TRACE for the SJV log, re-starting the SJV task, and recreating the error resulted in the following error in the SJV log:

TAM0014E: Other error occured:. java.lang.NullPointerException


If SJVENV specifies SSL_ENABLED=FALSE, verify all lines in the TAMSTC SSL options section of the SJVENV dataset are commented out, then re-start the SJV started task. This should resolve the NullPointerException and allow the ELEVATE with a TICKET to occur.

# TAMSTC SSL options - do not change unless directed by Support       
#IJO="$IJO -Dibmssl.usekeyring=TRUE"                                  
#IJO="$IJO -Dserver.ssl.enabled=${SSL_ENABLED}"                       
#IJO="$IJO -Dserver.ssl.protocol=TLSv1.2"                             
#IJO="$IJO -Dserver.ssl.key-store=${SERVER_KEY_RING}"                 
#IJO="$IJO -Dserver.ssl.key-store-type=JCERACFKS"