How to change NFA OData API Port
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How to change NFA OData API Port


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By default NFA uses port 8981 for its CA NFA OData API port. Use these instructions to change that port.


Component : NFA


1. Edit the x:\CA\NFA\DBUsers\ReporterAnalyzer.ini file in notepad.

2. Fine the line which includes: ReporterAnalyzer.ODataServicePort=8981

3. Change the port to an open port which you would like to use and save the file.

4. Go to Windows Services and restart the CA NFA OData Service.

5. Wait 5 minutes and then go to the NetOps Portal > Administration > Data Sources  > Data Sources.

6. Request a full sync with Network Flow Analysis. 

7. Once the sync is complete, all should work just as it did before.