Consequences of the expiring of MC license.
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Consequences of the expiring of MC license.


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Management Center


What will happen when the License is expired for MC hardware appliance


Management Center health goes into a Warning state when the license is 30 days from expiring.

For example, if the license will expire on January 30th, the Messages option in the web console banner displays Warning-level alerts, such as the following, starting on January 1st.
The web console banner displays an alert for each licensed component. Once a license expires, Management Center goes into an Error state and remains in that state  for another 15 days or until the license is updated (whichever occurs first).

Once the license is renewed, the warning is marked as complete and removed from the Alerts page. 

If you do not renew the license within 15 days after the expiration date, you will be unable to load the web console.

You must renew the license through the CLI using (config)# licensing load or see #licensing in the Configuration Management Guide for more information.