Spectrum Alarm Type just contains event code for all 6732* SDN events.
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Spectrum Alarm Type just contains event code for all 6732* SDN events.


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CA Spectrum


Our customer reported that there are several Spectrum alarms where the alarm type is something like "Event Code 0673203b". We checked in other environment and this seems to be OOTB wrongly configured.

$ cat Prob0673203b_en_US 
Event Code    0673203b

SYMPTOMS: faults code - faults description

Below fault was received from VNA

    This fault is raised when APIC Controller receives license out of compliance notification from CSSM.
    If you see this fault, take the following actions:
    1.  A number of issues can cause license out of compliance: (1) purchased licenses are not input in CSSM, (2) number of license in use exceeds number of license purchased, and (3) subscription-based licenses are expired in CSSM.
    2.  Log on customer's license account in CSSM and find out the exact issue that causes license out of compliance.



Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum Alarm


The Pcause files for these events needs to be updated to reflect the alarm type.



The alarm title is showing correctly the dynamic alarm title from the VNA issue.  The content of the "alarm type" is showing the "Error code xxxxxx" but this column is not needed in the OC gui.  The alarm type column is not normally displayed as it it is usually either a duplicate of the alarm title or in the case of dynamic alarms like this one, it will be a very generic "VNA event has occurred" message with no useful info. 

We will fix the "Error code xxxxxxx" in a future release and replace it with a generic "VNA event has occurred" message.