Lost CI in SOI
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Lost CI in SOI


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


In our non-prod SOI I have lot of empty services. If i try to edit service I can see modeled CI, but with relation A-1. And most of CI has no USM records.

After catalyst restart nothing changed. I can see in debug log the CI comes in, but not modeled in SOI.

How to repair correct state?

Example from item debug log

EIIntercepter: Direction = OUTBOUND
EIIntercepter: DateTime = 2xxxxxxx
EIIntercepter: Transform Request = <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<usm:SiloData xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.orgxxxxxxx/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:usm="http://www.ca.com/usm" xsi:type="usm:SiloData"
    <property name="dev_name" value="xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="xxxxxxx/>
    <property name="create_time" value="xxxxxxx/>
    <property name="PrimaryDnsName" value="xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="PrimaryOSVersion" value="xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="origin" value="TDA"/>
    <property name="PrimaryIPV4Address" value="xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="os_description" value="Service Pack 0 Build xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="OSName" value="WindowsServer-2012-R2"/>
    <property name="cs_name" value="xxxxxxx/>
    <property name="PrimaryOSType" value="Windows"/>
    <property name="entitytype" value="Item"/>
    <property name="PrimaryMacAddress" value="xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="class" value="computer"/>
    <property name="change_time" value="xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="eventtype" value="Item"/>

EIIntercepter: Transform Response = <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<usm:SiloData xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.orgxxxxxxx="usm:SiloData"
    <property name="PrimaryDnsName" value="xxxxxxx/>
    <property name="CreationTimestamp" value="xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="PrimaryOSVersion" value="xxxxxxx>
    <property name="PrimaryIPV4Address" value="xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="Label" value="xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="MdrProduct" value="CA:xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="PrimaryOSType" value="Windows"/>
    <property name="entitytype" value="Item"/>
    <property name="ComputerName" value="xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="ClassName" value="ComputerSystem"/>
    <property name="UrlParams" value="device=xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="eventtype" value="USM-Entity"/>
    <property name="PrimaryMacAddress" value="xxxxxxx-DD"/>
    <property name="MdrProdInstance" value="xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="MdrElementID" value="xxxxxxx"/>
    <property name="LastModTimestamp" value="xxxxxxx/>




Release : 4.2

Component : Catalyst Connector for APM


Applying the attached jars will fix this issue:

Follow the below steps to deploy the jars:
1)    Stop All SOI services
2)    Open C:\CA\SOI\tomcat\lib folder on Manager machine
3)    Take backup of soi.common.sam-4.2.0-manager.jar outside of current directory
4)    Place new jar in the folder
5)    Open C:\CA\SOI\SAMUI\lib folder on UI Server machine
6)    Take backup of soi.common.sam-4.2.0-ui.jar outside of current directory
7)    Place new jar in the folder
8)    Start ActiveMQ and Manager services first and open manager debug page
9)    Click on "Debug Controller" and enable logs for "Topology Cache" to MAX level and Apply
10)    Wait till manager comes online and start other services one by one.

Fix in the jar will clean all the services topologies on manager startup.


cadownloads (83)_1651135223860.zip get_app