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Alarms generated for Servers in Active Maintenance intermittently in UIM 20.4.x


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Intermittently, we are receiving alarms for devices in active maintenance mode.

We have analyzed that alarms from devices correctly added to an active maintenance schedule are still coming through. 

The alarm dev_id is listed in the schedule for suppression, but still, we are receiving some alarms unexpectedly. 


A possible cause of this issue can be that the maintenance_mode probe was not reachable at the time the issue occurred. Therefore the NAS was not able to register with maintenance_mode.

This caused the NAS to discard the maintenance schedule.


The NAS collects maintenance schedules from themaintenanace_mode probe "at run time" and this resulted in an alarm leak for that period.

The Cause for maintenance_mode probe not reachable could be due to network or other DB issue

Something that may indicate a DB issue could be verified in the maintenace_mode log:

maintence_mode register failure: 


logs at Apr 12 00:30:16:588 WARN / SQLServerException

Exception started at:
Apr 12 00:30:16:588 WARN  [attach_socket, com.nimsoft.monitor.probe.MaintenanceModeProbe] Failure registering to maintenance_mode. org.springframework.dao.DataAccessResourceFailureException: StatementCallback

Exception continued till 
Apr 12 00:52:03:871 WARN  [attach_socket, com.nimsoft.monitor.probe.MaintenanceModeProbe] Failure registering to maintenance_mode. org.springframework.dao.DataAccessResourceFailureException



Release : 20.4.*

Component : UIM NAS


A new key was introduced that may help overcome/workaround this issue in case of a similar scenario. 

The new parameter "maint_sched_discard" is available that lets you decide whether you want to discard the maintenance schedule.

You can specify the value as yes or no. A value of no implies that the maintenance schedule will be retained.

The value is found under the nas' setup section via raw configure.

The default is->

maint_sched_discard = yes


Setting it to no: 

maint_sched_discard = no

The maintenance mode schedules won't be discarded if maintenance_mode is not reachable in a similar scenario. 

Additional Information

The new parameter requires a minimum NAS version 9.32