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Receiving CAUAJM_W_50317 Error when running autorep -z to report on a blob


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CA Workload Automation AE


When attempting to report on a blob using 'autorep -z', the following error is displayed...

CAUAJM_W_50317 Could not download blob


When running 'autorep -z' to report on a blob, it will write the blob report to a file. If the -f argument is not included to provide a path for that file, it places the blob files into the designated temporary path for the operating system by default. On Windows, the default path is determined by the TEMP environment variable, whereas on UNIX the default path is /tmp. This error will occur if the file is unable to be written for some reason.


Release : 11.3.6/12.0

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


Check the path where the blob file is to be written and make sure a file with the same name does not already exist. It is possible another user may have already run the command on the same machine and written the file. In that case, the file permissions could be preventing the current user from writing the file.

Also ensure the user running autorep has permission to write a file in the blob file path.