Smgr Dialog shows Not Connected after upgrade or install
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Smgr Dialog shows Not Connected after upgrade or install


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


The service manager dialog is showing "Not Connected" after a new installation or upgrade of the smgrdia component.

The Service Manager is up and running on the correct port and is sometimes accessible through the service manager dialog (UCYBSMDi.exe) on other servers


Release: 12.2 and up

Component :  Service Manager Dialog


CAPKI is installed on service manager machine but not on service manager dialog machine



  1. Log into the machine with the service manager
  2. Check the port of the service manager by looking at ucybsmgr.ini
  3. Check the phrase of the service manager (this can be found with a ps -ef | grep ucybsmgr on linux or by looking at the windows service on windows)
  4. Look at the latest log in the servicemanager /temp directory and look for the line:
    U00022071 CAPKI Library available.
  5. If the line from #4 shows up:
  6. Log into the service manager dialog machine and open a command prompt
  7. Change directory to the servicemanagerdialog /bin directory
  8. Run the command below, replacing [FQDN_to_smgr] with the fully qualified domain name or IP address to the service manager machine, [port] with the port the service manager is running on and [phrase] with the phrase found in step 3 above:
    ucybsmcl.exe -c GET_PROCESS_LIST -h [FQDN_to_smgr]:[port] -n [phrase]

This returned the following:

Please check atleast one of the following conditions are met.
*) Install CAPKI using CAPKI installer.
*) Set CAPKIHOME environment variable.
*) Pass valid second parameter to etpki_lib_init function. Ex: if the second parameter is /a/b/c/[lib]cryptocme2.[dll][so][sl], it is assumed that /a/b/c has all the required CAPKI shared libraries Warning: Service Manager communication could not be established in secure mode!
*ERROR 2* Pipe returned error
A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

The following may be returned as well:

Warning: Service Manager communication could not be established in secure mode!
Outdated Service Manager in use or Service Manager with missing CAPKI installation.
*ERROR 2* Pipe returned error


This shows that the service manager dialog machine does not have CAPKI installed. 
CAPKI is a component that needs to be installed to ensure secure communications between the service manager and service manager dialog and between the service manager dialog and AutomationEngine processes. 
It can be downloaded from

Follow the instructions here to install CAPKI:

HINT: Check the %TEMP%/CAPKI_install.log file to be sure it was installed correctly.

Close the service manager dialog program and restart it