How to create a projection scorecard in PM for CPU Utilization
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How to create a projection scorecard in PM for CPU Utilization


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I want to create a report that allows me to have the projection of disk, memory, and CPU consumption in future months (3, 6, and 12) to have the consumption projection in future periods. This type of report could be created in CA eHealth.


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Basically, you can set up 90/180/360 projections on CPU, Memory, and Disk MF (Metric Families) so it's calculated at baseline/rollup time. Edit the MF (Metric Families) in DA Admin and configure the projection options. It will take weeks to get good projections.

1. You can find the Metric Families from Administration --> Monitored Items Management --> Monitored Devices.

2. Then click on Metric Families:

3. In the Metric Families, filter by CPU. Select CPU.

In Metrics, filter by utilization. Select Utilization and click on the Edit button.

4. Select the desired values and save the changes.

5. Click on  "+ Add Dashboard" button to create a dashboard.

6. Provide a name to the dashboard. Then expand the "Custom View - Infrastructure Management" item, select "IM Group Scorecard Trend" item, and then drag and drop the view to add to the layout.

7. Click on the Edit button.

8. Update the Title. In the Metric Family field, select CPU. In the Metric Value field select Utilization - Average. In Number of Projections select 3. In Metric Calculated Level select by Device, and then save the changes.

9. On the dashboard layout click on the Save button.

10. The dashboard will be displayed. Select the Last 12 Months.

11. You will see the Projection columns:

Additional Information

Some caveats from the PM guide:

Calculate only projections that you need. Each projection that you calculate may significantly affect system performance. For more information, see the DX NetOps Performance Management Sizing Tool.

Changes to ProjectionPercentile cause inaccurate projections for up to 90 days. When you change the value of ProjectionPercentile, the percentile values for days before the change are not recalculated.