Solaris agent crashes with core dump during start up
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Solaris agent crashes with core dump during start up


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Starting the Agent fails and creates a core dump:

20220408/181229.223 - U02000072 Connection to system 'AUTOMIC' initiated.
20220408/181229.224 - U02000379 Initiating connection to server 'AUTOMIC' using WebSocket URI: ''.
20220408/181229.241 - U02000378 Loading certificates from directory: './trusted'.
20220408/181229.243 - U02000377 Certificate loaded from file './trusted/jcp.cer'.
20220408/181229.243 - U02000398 Loading certificates from the directory './security' that is specified in the parameter'AgentSecurityFolder'.\
20220408/181229.244 - U02000377 Certificate loaded from file './security/AGENT.MVE.SOLARIS.pem'.
20220408/181229.257 - U02000313 Communication error with partner '*SERVER', error: 'TLS-handshake/337047686(certificate verify failed)'.
20220408/181229.258 - U02000010 Connection to Server 'AUTOMIC/X.X.X.X:8443' terminated.
20220408/181229.258 - U02000074 Connecting to system 'AUTOMIC' is not possible.
20220408/181229.260 - U02003073 Agent Prozess 'AGENT,PID=26414' shutdown has been initiated.
20220408/181229.264 - U02000041 Shutdown Agent 'AGENT.MVE.SOLARIS'.
20220408/181229.265 - U02000002 Agent 'AGENT.MVE.SOLARIS' version '21.0.2+build.30' ended abnormally.

The trace ends with:

MAIN-THREAD      20220408/180317.748 set_content <-- (OK)
MAIN-THREAD      20220408/180317.748 send_message(msg(ID=5,PROTOCOL,dst(addr=*SERVER,name=,acv=0),src(addr=,name=,acv=0))) -->
MAIN-THREAD      20220408/180317.748 send_message <-- (message passed to session)
MAIN-THREAD      20220408/180317.748 send_visitcard <-- (OK)
MAIN-THREAD      20220408/180317.748 load_certificate(./security/AGENT.MVE.SOLARIS.cert) -->
MAIN-THREAD      20220408/180317.748 load(./security/AGENT.MVE.SOLARIS.cert) -->


Release : 21.0.2

Component : Solaris Agent


 Runtime loader wants to load /usr/lib/64/ for /apps/uc4/michiel/agent/bin/, instead of using the version located in bin directory


Issue was resolved by adding the path of the Agent to LD_LIBRARY_PATH. For some reason the Agent tries to load the c++ library from gcc rather than the one delivered with the agent.