Sysview/cics: maxsockets display and modification
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Sysview/cics: maxsockets display and modification


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


In CICS exists a parameter called MAXSOCKETS which defines the maximum current TCIPI sockets that can be opened.   This is a SIT parameter that can also be displayed within CICS via the CEMT command "CEMT I TCPIP".  

How is this information viewed (and modified) in Sysview?   We can issue this CEMT command and dynamically adjust this value.  However, the only place where I see this defined is via the CSIT command.  Also, the CSIT command only shows what was defined in the initial parameters.  If someone updates the max sockets dynmically CSIT does not show the change.    Where is the Sysview equivalent to the CEMT I TCPIP command where the MAXSOCKETS is shown and can be adjusted if needed.



Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


Currently there is no display for the current MAXSOCKETS value in the SYSVIEW panels.  The CSIT screen, as mentioned, only shows what is/was defined at initialization.   

In order to see the current MAXSOCKETS value use the CCEMT command:   

                          CCEMT I TCPIP

If there is a need to adjust it use the CICS set command for the maxsockets:

                         CCEMT S TCPIP M(#####) 

Adding the C prior to the CEMT command, allows the response to be returned to the display.