logmon alarms not displaying German characters correctly
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logmon alarms not displaying German characters correctly


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Using logmon 4.20 we would like to display German characters in alert variable ${WATCHERMATCHEDLINE}.

Although File encoding in logmon is setup to UTF-8 and the internal log preview is showing German characters properly, the alert message contains garbled characters.


Release : 20.4

Component : UIM LOGMON 4.20

- nas 9.34-HF1


- logmon configuration and a related defect


1. Select the alarm_enrichment probe and choose Rt-click then Edit.

2. Set the probe arguments to:

    -jar ../lib/alarm_enrichment.jar

3. Adjust logmon 'Setup' properties:
   Output encoding: ISO-8859-1
   System encoding:  UTF-8

logmon mode set to 'updates'

4. logmon encoding settings:
    Under the 'General' Tab in logmon leave 'File Encoding' empty

'Watcher Rules'->'Standard' Tab->use 'Message to Send on Match' and the umlaut/diacritic characters were properly translated in testing, when you manually entered the message with umlauts versus the Alarm Tab->'Message to Send' where it did not translate the characters properly.

Test fix to be used until the hotfix is available is attached to this KB Article.


logmon-4.20-T2-20220427.105111-1_1651061229907.zip get_app