NFA 21.2.10 Drive filling Patch | UPDATED 5/23
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NFA 21.2.10 Drive filling Patch | UPDATED 5/23


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA) DX NetOps


After upgrading to NFA 21.2.10, you may notice that the drive starts to fill up quickly and does not prune properly. This is considered a mandatory patch which should be applied after every install or upgrade to NFA 21.2.10.

UPDATED 5/23/22

More changes were needed to properly implement this new feature. After applying PTF1 you may still notice data gaps, data paused, the drive filling.

New behavior on PTF 4:

If the drive fills, after data retention tries to prune to maximum and eventually minimum thresholds, .NFA and .TBN files will stop being produced until the drive problem is fixed. Previous behavior in 21.2.8 and prior is that the entire ReaperArchive and ReaperArchive15 folders would be wiped out completely in favor or new unprocessed data which would only result in maybe a few hours of unprocessed data. 

UPDATED 11/22/22

PTF 4 was merged into PTF 12. PTF 4 resolves the issue this doc is written for. PTF 12 includes an Harvester Buffer fix on top of the PTF 4 changes. 


NFA 21.2.10


This is due to a bug introduced in NFA 21.2.10.


1. Download the cumulative patch from the bottom of this doc and copy it to each NFA Harvester on 21.2.10.

2. Extract the contents.

3. Follow the readme to replace to the file on each harvester.

Additional Information

This cumulative patch also includes a fix for the NFA writing to the C Drive issues introduced in NFA 21.2.10:

as well as an NFA Harvester Buffer Fix:

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