OPMS 2022.02.006 installation failing
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OPMS 2022.02.006 installation failing


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


While installing OPMS 2022.02.006 it failed and installation rolled back ,where as all pre-requisite has been checked  and sanity checked passed .



Release : SAAS

Component : ASM OPMS


Please note that a broken build of the OPMS installer version 2022.02.006 was unfortunately uploaded (md5sum 023af534d7562aeba5eff5c0d7a351c3). This build doesn't work, neither for a clean installation nor for an upgrade.
We have just corrected that and we advise all who downloaded that installer to download it again (md5sum 76fa7018f65f6ad0b2f91f5d4a73865c). The filename and the version are the same but the contents are different.
Sorry for the mishap and inconvenience caused.
So please download again ,cheek the md5 sum and reinstall the same . 

Additional Information

Expected error ,in the log


Puppet log contains this message:

2022-04-22 12:40:24 +0100 Puppet (err): Could not run: Could not find file /opt/asm/opms/puppet/environments/production/modules/role/manifests/onpremise.pp

where  from the 

YUM log showing  puppet version as below

puppet                  noarch      3.6.2-3.el7             epel         1.2 M

ASM installation log

Custom Action:            com.ca.wpm.install.PoPActionRegister
                          Status: FATAL ERROR
                          Additional Notes: FATAL ERROR -     class com.ca.wpm.install.PoPActionRegister FatalInstallException: Unable to create file output object for /etc/asm/smartpop.yaml