Installing a Cloud-Enabled Symantec Management Agent on a MAC machine
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Installing a Cloud-Enabled Symantec Management Agent on a MAC machine


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IT Management Suite


How to install a Cloud-Enabled Symantec Management Agent on a MAC machine


ITMS 8.6



NOTE - This document assumes that root user is enabled on the MAC computer and that the cloud-enabled package zip file is created

             The zip file name in this document maybe different from your zip file. In this document we will use

             The user and the group that the user is part of are respectfully: test and mygroup ( yours will differ )


     1. Transfer the cloud-enable zip folder to the MAC endpoint

     2. Open the terminal application and enter: 

     3. su ( this is the root user )  and enter the password

     4. cd to the directory where the zip file is located

            ex: cd /user/test/desktop

     5. Display the file\folder ownership and rights 

             ls -al ( this will display the permissions of the file )

             ex: rw-r--r--  root  data       ( this says that the root user has read\write permissions where as the group and world has read-only permissions )

     6. enter: chown <user>:<group>

             ex: chown test:mygroup

     7. enter: ls -al  ( the user on the file will have changed )

             ex: rw-r--r-- test mygroup

     8.  Enter: unzip ( this will unzip the file to the current directory )

     9. cd to the extracted directory:

            cd Cloud-enabled\ Agent\ Installation\ Package  ( Hint: Type the first few letters of the directory and hit the tab key. This will fill in the rest of the path and or file name )

    10. Change the permissions of the file for installation

            chmod 755 Symantec_Management_Agent_installer.pkg

     11. Check the rights on the file: 

            ls -al

            ex: rwxrw-rw- test mygroup Symantec_Management_Agent_installer.pkg   ( this says that the user test has read\write\execute permissions where mygroup and world have read\write permissions)

      12. If file folder is on the desktop click on the folder then click on the 'Symantec_Management_Agent_instdaller.pkg' to install

      13. If the agent is not running enter:

               launchctl start


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