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Is there a Rally Application or an API call that displays a list of Tags by Creation Date


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


Is there a way to get a list of tags based on creation date?


Release : SAAS

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Rally does have an application that will display this information.  It is in our GitHub library and is unsupported by Rally at this time.

To install it:

  • On your dashboard or a custom page, add the "Custom HTML" app from the Rally App Catalog.
  • Paste the code from This URL into the HTML section of the custom HTML application and <Save>.

Here is the link to the application with more detail:


An API query will also provide this information (It will be necessary to change the field in yellow to your Workspace ObjectID):,CreationDate&order=CreationDate&start=1&pagesize=20


And this API query will also provide the same information but the output will be a .CSV file.,CreationDate&order=CreationDate&start=1&pagesize=20