Different Roles need the same rate
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Different Roles need the same rate


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You have different roles that require the same rate in the rate matrix and do not want to create to many different lines in the rate matrix for each role.


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity Financial Management


This can be accomplished by creating a new Resource Class that can be associated with each role.

Create a new Resource Class

  1. Go to Administration>>Finance>>Setup
  2. Click Resource Classes
  3. Click New
  4. Fill in fields
  5. Click Save and Return

Add Resource Class as a default Grouping Attributes

  1. Go to Administration>>Finance>>Setup
  2. Click on Entities
  3. Select your Entity
  4. Click on 'Plan Defaults' from the top
  5. On Grouping attributes, select the binoculars
  6. Select Resource Class and then Add
  7. Save and Return

Associate the new Resource class with the Role/s

  1. Go to Home>>Resource Management>>Resources
  2. Click on the Role
  3. Go to Properties>>Financial
  4. Fill in Required fields, make sure to select the New Resource Class created

Add a new rate for the Resource Class 

  1. Go to Administration>>Finance>>Manage Matrix
  2. Click the Matrix link
  3. Click New
  4. Add Resource Class that was just created
  5. All other items stay as an asterisk
  6. Input the correct rate
  7. Save & Return
  8. Run Rate Matrix Job

Create New Cost Plan

  1. Click Projects
  2. Search for Projects
  3. Once in Project click Financial Plans
  4. Click New Manual Plan
  5. Enter required information
  6. Save
  7. Click Detail
  8. Click Actions>>Populate from Investment Team

The Resource Class will be on the Cost Plan with the new rate.