Policy objects from VPM to be used in CPL policy
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Policy objects from VPM to be used in CPL policy


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Need to find easy way to use objects created on VPM policies within new created CPL policies


In complex deployments with many objects and policies being used, it might not be so easy to create objects (Combined source/destination objects for example) on CPL layers when needed, and it will be easier for proxy administrator to use already created objects on VPM policies and use it on the new CPL policies


On the proxy VPM editor there is an option to view generated CPL policies and objects being created when installing the VPM policy, this option is under "View ,generated CPL":

When the view generated CPL option is clicked, a new window will appear with the Conditions defined, and CPL policies created, both can be copied into a text editor, and Proxy admin can use them as a reference to create new CPL policies, or use existing conditions in the new CPL policies