Ghost Error 651 while restoring spanned image
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Ghost Error 651 while restoring spanned image


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Ghost Solution Suite


Error Number: 651
Message: Failed to restore the image as the next span of the image was not found. If you are using a location on an HTTP server, verify that the MIME-type settings for the extensions of the image span files have been manually added to the HTTP server.


3.3 RU9


In at least one case of this issue, the cause was having a number at the end of the image name which confused spanning and didn't correctly name spanned files during the image capture(when image spanning is used):

image name = ghost04.gho

Spanned ghs file names = ghost001.ghs, ghost002.ghs, ghost004.ghs, etc

Since the image was named ghost04.gho, automatic numbering/spanning didn't correctly create/label the image name leaving off "04"

So, when the image is restored, Ghost isn't recognizing the next image span file resulting in Error 651



It is recommended to not end an image name with a number as this can cause image spanning/naming issues. If a number needs to be included in the image name, it is recommended to include one or more letters at the end.


Instead of naming your image Ghost004.gho, name your image 004Ghost.gho so numbers are not right at the end.