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Setting CICS Variables/Metrics in SYSVIEW to send Time Series Data to MOI


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


MOI only processes Time Series Data (TSD) sent to it from SYSVIEW. 

The variables/metrics must be marked as TSD in SYSVIEW.  

The Resolution section below contains instructions on how to change a variable/metric in SYSVIEW so that it can either be sent or not sent to MOI. 



Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


To review what CICS variables/metrics are being sent to MOI as TSD data by executing the following SYSVIEW command:
SYSVIEW does not automatically send CICS variables/metrics out of the box.   You have to specify what you want to send to MOI. 
To set a variable/metric to TSD, edit SYSVIEW PARMLIB member CICSDATA or edit SYSVIEW SITELIB member SVWYVARS and add the following line for each variable/metric that you
would like to be sent to MOI:
After adding the TSD line in SYSVIEW PARMLIB member CICSDATA or SYSVIEW SITELIB member SVWYVARS if you are using SITELIB , stop and then start SYSVIEW in any or all CICS regions that you want the metric collected in.   
Go back to the SYSVIEW CVARS display to verify the TSD column now says TSD for the variables set to TSD. You should see the metrics flowing to MOI after data collection runs in SYSVIEW.