Deliver - Database filling up
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Deliver - Database filling up


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A Deliver database, on a production system, has been growing steadily for some time with no viable explanation. 

A couple of years ago, we used Deliver to assist in redirecting production reports from RMDS to View. 

While working on the conversion, we duplicated the reports back into RMDS. 

Once the conversion was completed, the duplicated reports for RMDS had their distribution ID set to a non-print class and suppressed. 

I believe what we have seen as growth are these duplicated reports that still have definitions, but are not directed anywhere. 

The RMDS reports were defined as STACKed reports, 

I have been running RMOGRW program RMOGRW08 in an attempt to do some cleanup, but it seems of limited effectiveness. 


Release : 14.0

Component :


As the RMDS reports are defined as STACK reports should cause no problems in having their definitions be deleted from the database, however what needs observed is to what reports remain with the jobs in question once the RMDS reports are deleted. 

In a list of Reports defined to a Job, please ensure that there any any STACK reports, that all of the reports for the Job should be defined as STACK reports. 

The reason for the above is because having STACK reports, with a few Basic reports defined in the list, could cause problems, however if they are all STACK, then things will process with no problems.

RMOGRW08 is for analyzing the Deliver Checkpoint file, and it can be used to only a point of effectiveness.

As the client had only 1% of usage in a 40-cylinder Checkpoint file, there were no problems there.