DBUTLTY TESTDATA command used in LU05180
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DBUTLTY TESTDATA command used in LU05180


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We are installing the LU05180 solution, and the HOLD data includes a DBUTLTY step with INIT statements, a TESTDATA statement and a LOAD statement. Are we loading an empty HR database, or what is this step doing? Here is the SYSIN input:

//SYSIN DD  *                                                   
INIT AREA=IXX,DBID=001,OLDEP=NO                                 
INIT AREA=PAY,DBID=001                                          
INIT AREA=PMF,DBID=001                                          
INIT AREA=DEM,DBID=001                                          
TESTDATA  DDNAME=DB001BK                                        


Release : 15.1

Component : Datacom/AD

Component : Datacom/DB


The text of the LU05180 solution indicates that it will update the Datadictionary definition for the demo HR database (DB 1). This database is not normally installed as part of the Datacom/AD and Datacom/DB initial configuration, so you may not need to do anything here. It certainly is not required for users unless the support team needs it, or you have installed the demo databases for other testing.

However, if this database is defined to your MUF, and still want to understand this step, it will:

  1. INIT AREA=IXX... Initialize the Index for DB 1 (our demo HR database)
  2. INIT AREA=aaa... Initialize the three data areas in that database: PAY, PMF, and DEM
  3. TESTDATA           Generate test data for the tables in DB 1
  4. LOAD                    Load the test data from #3, above into the DB 1 tables.

These commands can be found in the DBUTLTY documentation if further understanding is needed.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.