when user try to approve, a Request failed pop out
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when user try to approve, a Request failed pop out


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CA Identity Suite


When users try to approve the request that was submitted today in their mobile phone browser, the user sees the below error when they are trying to approve or reject 




This seems that the approve/reject action has already been taken on a particular work item. Once we take approve/reject action, the work item goes to a state called "Completed".

We can perform actions only on the work items that are in the "Pending" or "Available" state.


The issue will happen in the below scenario

1. Customer login into the portal in different browsers with the same user and in one browser window already approved/rejected the work item and trying to approve/reject the work item from another browser window without refreshing the browser.

2. Other approval users might be approved/rejected the work item by the time logged in the user performs approve/reject the work item.

Some times browser may not be able to load the error message. In that case, We should review the backend log message or the network response. If we see the screenshot shared by you it is exactly matching the error on the UI console.