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Advanced Authentication Mainframe JCL job MAABURAD missing from CFF7JCL0


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Advanced Authentication Mainframe ACF2 Top Secret


 Broadcom's AAM sample job MAABURAD is missing from the CFF7JCL0 library on a new install of the product. All maintenance has been applied. How is this job obtained?


Release : 2.0

Component : Advanced Authentication Mainframe


Truncation had occurred when transferring the PTF from PC to mainframe. The ++SAMP files are at the end of the PTF and were missing.

An SMP/E query against the AAM CSI showed that the SAMP JCL was never applied, eliminating the possibility of accidental deletion from the CFF7JCL0 library.

The MAABURAD job is found in PTFs RO97949 and RO99999.