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Entity Action Views that contained no attributes can cause the Gen Action Block generator to abend


Article ID: 240121


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset


The Toolset and Client Server Encyclopedia (CSE) Action Block generator may abend. The Toolset generator would receive a Windows crash error dialog while the CSE Construction Client will report an error. The CSE Server log will have an entry like the following:

            encyabgOSChildProcessRC->getResults() failure 


The Action Diagram being generated had numerous Entity Action Views that contained no attributes. This can be determined by running a consistency check on the Action Diagram and the error 'ICCEV01E - An entity view must have at least one predicate view" will be reported.


Users should either remove these empty Entity Action Views or at least add one attribute (Predicate View) to it. As a cautionary tale, anytime the Action Block generator fails it is the better part of wisdom to run a consistency check and review any errors.