Standalone Replication fails when HTTP:80 is blocked
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Standalone Replication fails when HTTP:80 is blocked


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IT Management Suite Client Management Suite


Standalone Replication failing when HTTP:80 is blocked. HTTPS:443 communication is working as expected everywhere else.

It appears that Hierarchy and Replication "Servers" section has the correct HTTPS FQDN configured correctly on both sides.

Source NS Hierarchy and Replication "Servers" section: https://<DestinationNSfqdn>/Altiris/NS
Destination NS Hierarchy and Replication "Servers" section: https://<SourceNSfqdn>/Altiris/NS


ITMS 8.x


Issue is caused by "Require SSL" not being configured for Default Web Site on both SMPs. Issue could also be caused by incorrect "Servers" configuration in "Hierarchy and Replication"


On source and destination Notification Servers (NSs), ensure that SSL communication is working properly.

On both Notification Servers, enable "Require SSL" in IIS for the Default Web Site

On the “Source” Notification Server, open the Server page and click “Add” new server > specify its HTTPS://<SourceNSfqdn>/Altiris/NS

An error message will appear saying "Server 'SourceNSfqdn' already exists in the list

Now that the error has appeared, you can now delete the original entry

We now have an empty list of servers:

Click to add server > specify “Source” NS HTTPS://<SourceNSfqdn>/Altiris/NS > save changes.

While still on the "Source" NS, click add server > specify "Destination" NS HTTPS://<DestinationNSfqdn>/Altiris/NS > save changes

Go to “Destination” NS and perform the same steps specifying the FQDN of “Destination” NS as HTTPS://<DestinationNSfqdn>/Altiris/NS and "Source" NS as HTTPS://<SourceNSfqdn>/Altiris/NS > save changes

Now on “Source” NS, in “Servers” we have HTTPS for “Source” and “Destination” NS machines

On "Destination" NS, in "Servers" we have HTTPS for "Destination" and "Source" NS machines

Finally, on “Source” NS, in the stand-alone replication rule, choose “Destination” HTTPS NS > save changes and start replication via a right-click on this replication rule