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SQL Data Insights Keyring error


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Top Secret


Digital Certificate for SDI (SQL Data Insights) setup gets the following on the log :

name=SDIRING, type=JCERACFKS, owner=CERTAUTH, label=SDICACRT                    
-Ý0;33mInvalid keyring information. Validate your keystore type, keying name, ke
yring owner, and certificate label, verify the user ID you're using has the requ
ired privileges to access your keyring, and then retry.-Ý0m     


Release : 16.0

Component :


A keystore is the place where the certificates are kept.

The message indicates keyring cant found.

Common causes:

  • Keyring label name specified in the application doenst match the LABLRING in TSS.
  • Keyring label name is missing in the application.
  • Keyrings are owned and defined to Top Secret and the user is not authorized to keyring.
    • Example: TSS PER(acid) RDATALIB(acid.keyringname) ACC(READ)