. Net Agent causing runtime error and possibly restarting app services on server
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. Net Agent causing runtime error and possibly restarting app services on server


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


We implemented a .NET agent on an App server to monitor the services and performance of the app. After having it run, the team started to see errors that traced back to the APM Wily process and saw that their services were all restarted around the same error coming in.

I want to know if this is the agent causing this or if it is abnormal behavior.



Release : 21.3

Component : Introscope


Issue occurred still without Agent. So will resolve first with IBM and then reinstall agent. If issue persists, do the following

Test 1: Autoprobe off and see if issue goes away If it does 

Test 2:  If so, we can focus on narrowing down the tracer or tracing groups that would cause their original app restarting/failing issue.  Their uploaded agent logs didn't capture any errors or critical agent failure.  The customer can try disabling WCFRuntimeTracing by commenting out the following line in their D:\CAPM\wily\webservices.pbd after backing up the original .pbd file:


#TurnOn: WCFRuntimeTracing


This change would require restarting the monitored .NET apps or IIS to take effect.  It would help confirm whether the original issue could be related to the correlation ID insertion by WCFRuntimeTracing.  As for the repeated info messages seen in the event viewer about loading the .net agent, they were likely the expected messages whenever a .net app was starting or loading the CLR runtime which would in turn attempt to load the configured clr profiler.