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AIOps - Top 3 items that affect performance


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This KB lists the main top 3 items that can affect performance in a DX Platform setup


DX Platform 20.x, 21.x


1) Storage should not be shared so there should be no load during a FIO or test. Shared storage will have unpredictable performance results.
2) From my experience these are three main items that affect performance:
a) Actual storage (SSD drive) performance - (test IO throughput local to ensure storage is fast)
b) Network performance. There needs to be 10GBit connectivity. Easiest to verify is to use iperf3 tool (yum install iperf3)
On server: iperf3 -s -p 1111
On client: iperf3 -c SERVERIP -p 1111
c) CPU on NFS server and Client. Server or client should not be overloaded and in case of VM it should not be experiencing CPU stealing (overcommit). CPU has a big effect on network latencies as kernel schedule work for other processes as well.
Everything else is just tuning that has an effect only around 30%. One can tune TCP, NFS, but defaults should be enough.

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