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Unable to update the Planned Cost Finish date on a project


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We are getting the below error while saving the project in Clarity. We see Planned Cost Finish date set some invalid date of 1945, how can it be possible to have this date?

ERRORINV-0021: Planned Cost Finish date is earlier than Planned Cost Start date

However we see an issue with the Planned Cost Finish Date on the project, but its not editable and unable to change it. Kindly assist in editing the Planned Cost Finish date.


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity Project Management


The functionality of Cost Planned Start and Finish dates is that when project is created it will take start and finish date from the project and Cost Planned Start and Finish dates will not be editable at that time. Once Cost Plan is create Cost Planned Start and Finish dates will take the dates of the Cost start and finish dates. If cost plan is deleted both Cost Planned Start and Finish dates are also deleted and at that moment become editable.

We would suggest to add Cost Planned Start and Finish dates to the audit just in case there is some functionality gap that we can identify more easily when we know when this issue happened and who made the change.