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DCS log and log configuration location change in DCS 6.9.2 for UMC logging


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Data Center Security Monitoring Edition Data Center Security Server Data Center Security Server Advanced


DCS 6.9.2 has changed the log and log configuration file location.


Data Center Security
Version: 6.9.2 and higher


What has changed in DCS 6.9.2 and UMC logs:

  • Change in log files location
    • Prior to DCS 6.9.2, UMC logs location “<server_install_dir>\umc\logs”
    • DCS 6.9.2 and higher, the UMC logs new location is “<server_install_dir>\tomcat\logs” and the old location no longer used for logging

  • Change in UMC log configuration file to change default log level for UMC
    • Prior to DCS 6.9.2, the UMC log file configuration path is “<server_install_dir>\tomcat\symapps\umc\umcservices\WEB-INF\classes\log4j.xml”
    • With DCS 6.9.2, the UMC log file configuration path is now “<server_install_dir>\tomcat\lib\” and the old log configuration file no longer used to change log level

  • To enable Trace Logging for UMC with DCS 6.9.2 and higher 
    • The file has default log level for UMC as INFO. To change it to TRACE modify line #2 in the file as below
      • property.umcloglevel=trace
    • Restart the DCS manager service after making changes to file