Logs filling up Hub Server C Drive
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Logs filling up Hub Server C Drive


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I started getting an error this week, Disk Free (%) on C:\ for vmhubwinuimsvr1 is at 16.87 %., and I cleared off what I could, but it seems that UIM is writing to the C drive, when there is a separate E drive for data.  Please help me identify and move logs asap. 


Release : 20.3

Component : cdm-MC 6.70


- Unknown


Checked to see if the issue was still occurring where something was filling up the C:\ drive. Nothing stood out after checking file sizes/recently updated directories and files. Disk Cleanup had been run and we noticed that during the webex the C:\ drive remained steady at about 18.5% utilized.

Checked the hub queues and saw no queue backups nor leftover .sds q files as well.

The issue could possibly have ben due to some change/update in Windows Azure.

UIM/Nimsoft is installed on the E:\ drive not C:\

No current issue found.