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XCOM transfers issues from Mainframe pointing to a windows server (AFS)


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XCOM Data Transport


We are trying to execute some transfers from XCOM Mainframe to a XCOM for Windows server:

 A transfer that will write to the servers local hard disk is successful. The transfer will fail with the following message when trying to write to a AFS Storage Cloud using a UNC conventional path. 

  XCOMN0322E Cannot access file server: The user name or password is incorrect.




Message "XCOMN0322E Cannot access file server: The user name or password is incorrect." consists of 2 parts. The text "Cannot access file server" is the generic XCOM message, but the second half of the message is return to XCOM by Windows. In this case "The user name or password is incorrect"


Release : 11.6

Component : XCOM Data Transport for Windows


Make sure that the credentials being used for the transfer are valid to access the AFS Cloud Storage. The credentials specified for parameters USERID= and PASSWORD= for a transfer are required in order to perform a login to the Windows server and any File Server or AFS Cloud Storage server. 

Define the credentials or use valid credentials to allow the transfer access to the Windows server and/or AFS Cloud Storage.