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Change resource class JESSPOOL CLASMAP for z/OS 2.5


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ACF2 - z/OS


When upgrading to z/OS 2.5, how can the JESSPOOL resource class be changed to a unique TYPE code rather than using TYPE SAF.


There is an internal CLASMAP  definition in for SAF

********   JESSPOOL    SAF    53                                   110

Do I need to remove this JESSPOOL CLASMAP SAF resource class?


Release : 16.0

Component : ACF2 for z/OS


The CLASMAP '********   JESSPOOL    SAF    53                                   110' is an internal CLASMAP. The 'CLASMAP.JESSPL RESOURCE(JESSPOOL) RSRCTYPE(SPL) ENTITYLN(53)' is a site defined GSO CLASMAP that overrides the internal CLASMAP which will change(override) the TYPE(SAF) to TYPE(SPL) for ACF2 resource rules. The internal CLASMAP for JESSPOOL cannot be removed.

There in an in storage CLASMAP table that is used to determine the TYPE code to be used for resource rule validations. This in storage CLASMAP table contains both internal and site defined GSO CLASMAP records. The first CLASMAP entry in the table that matches(based on resource class) will be used. A site defined GSO CLASMAP record for the same resource class(in this case JESSPOOL) will always sort ahead of an internal CLASMAP record for the same resource class(JESSPOOL), thus overriding the internal CLASMAP record.