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Example How to install Kubernetes + DX Platform 21.3.1 (OI+APM+AXA) + 3 ElasticNodes NFS + ClusterReader


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AIOPs (OI+APM+AXA) requires Openshift or Kubernetes as an external prerequisite prior to installation.

Openshift and Kubernetes are platform dependency that is external to the AIOps product, similar to an operating system. 

The installation of Openshift and Kubernetes are outside of the supported bounds of the product, and this document is purely an example provided for the convenience of administrators who wish to learn more about Openshift and Kubernetes. It is NEITHER a representation of production sizing NOR intended for production use

For more information about sizing refer to:


DX Operational Intelligence 21.3.1
DX Application Performance Management 21.3.1
DX AXA 21.3.1


See attached : Example how of Install Kubernetes + DX 21.3.1 OI+APM+AXA (6 x 64GB Mem servers) + 3 ElasticNodes NFS DataStorage + ClusterReader 

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