vse_matches.log never rolls over and grows uncontrollably
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vse_matches.log never rolls over and grows uncontrollably


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Service Virtualization


The vse Matches log file does not roll over into multiple files and grows uncontrollably, especially on performance machines.
The only option is to delete the file when it gets beyond 100 mbs making this file unable and causing problems when trying to troubleshoot


Devtest 10.6.X 10.7.X

Service virtualization 


To resolve the issue please follow the below steps:

1. Create a vmoptions file (if one does not already exist). (VirtualServiceEnvironment.vmoptions) or xxxService if you are using Service.
2. Add the following line to the vmoptions file: -DVSELOGFIX=fix_
3. Modify this line in your logging.propertieslog4j.appender.VSEAPP.File=\${lisa.tmpdir}/\${VSELOGFIX}vse_matches.log

This creates a new property VSELOGFIX and inserts it into the name of the
vse_matches.log & the result will be log files with a unique name
fix_vse_matches.log .
With this workaround, we will get the vse_matches file rolling.
We will have several fix_vse_matches files with 10MB(or allocated max-size) max each and not one big vse_matches file.

This will require a restart of all of the services.

NOTE: If you have more than one VSE on the same machine, then give different values for -DVSELOGFIX=fix_ in each VSE vmoptions file, example: -DVSELOGFIX=fix2_, -DVSELOGFIX=fix3_, -DVSELOGFIX=fix4_