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APM Application Disk size filling at an alarming rate , CEM may crash


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


APM Application Disk size filling at an alarming rate \, application may get down.

Any archival or purging policy as it's happening very frequently that our disc is getting filled . 




Release : 10.7.0

Component : Customer Experience Manager


This issue has two parts.

1) Ensuring that CEM is setup correctly to monitor only needed applications and generate needed defects.

2) Cleaning up database. Note if 1 is not done, then the database will keep filling up

#1 could be addressed in another case. I would suggest going through CEM UI screen by screen to make needed changes.

Next steps:

1) Drop tables

DROP TABLE ts_defect_meta_values_20130405 -- Drop these first (sample date)

Then drop tables for the same exact date
DROP TABLE ts_defects_20130405;

DROP TABLE ts_tran_comp_details_20130405

2) Vacuum Appmap tables 

vacuum full analyze appmap_edges;

vacuum full analyze appmap_vertices;

vacuum full analyze appmap_attribs;


3) When have space do an vacuum full to free up space You will need space to do this


Cleaning up CEM

- Going though existing settings 

- Disable these defects types though the Specifications tab.
Slow Time/Fast Time/Large Size /Small Size/Missing Transaction/Component and Partial Transaction/Component

- Look at the the Incidents and see which are generating many defects. Then go to Specifications to disable. 

- All CEM is apparently on one EM. Please move TIM Collector to another EM
- Review the Database Administration --

-Only monitor the applications that you need.
-The high number of missing and partial transactions is due likely to unclean data being sent to the TIM. Please see on this. You have NO FILTERING on the TIM, so CEM is getting lot of "network noise."